nFusion Capital Reveals 2022 as Banner Year

nFusion Capital Reveals 2022 as Banner Year

February 6, 2023-Austin, TX–nFusion Capital recently announced their 2022 year-end results, which included building
156 new client relationships, purchasing $488 million in receivables, and offering 193 lines of credit totaling over $83 million. In addition, the team built an industry-leading 24/7/365 funding program to make funding available anytime, including on federal holidays.

“That was a game changer for our clients,” said Jason Lippman, CEO of nFusion Capital. “Clients are no longer limited to accessing funding during traditional business hours. In fact, now over 15% of daily fundings are completed before typical office hours begin. I’m also very proud of our team, who took our ‘yes we can’ mantra to heart, aggressively working on behalf of our clients to ensure their success. As a result, 2022 was a significant growth year for processes, teams, and tools.”

In addition, the firm opened a new office in Phoenix, Arizona to expand their geographic reach. Given their steady growth, key new hires were made over the year, including a new head of underwriting and new head of transportation, to strengthen their bench and capabilities. New team members are:

  • Brent Gottlieb, Executive Vice President-Transportation
  • Anthony Fortunato, Director of Underwriting
  • Jamie Ashby, Account Executive
  • Dusti Chapelas, Account Executive
  • Cherie Milazzo, Vice President-Sales
  • Patrick Lopez, Account Executive
  • Mitchel Ray, Business Development-Transportation

nFusion Capital also continued to fulfill their corporate social responsibility promise and expanded their off-shore presence to over 50 employees, providing a high living wage opportunity in disadvantaged geographic areas.

About nFusion Capital
nFusion Capital brings a unique approach to the world of business finance – as optimists we start from a position of “yes we can” and aggressively work on behalf of our customers to ensure their success.

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