Cheers to Helping Craft Breweries Expand

Cheers to Helping Craft Breweries Expand

District 9 Brewing Company LLC (D9 Brewing) is one of the largest breweries in Charlotte, North Carolina with a passion for “Unquestionably Original” ales and a variety of exceptional craft drinking experiences. They have three microbreweries, one production brewery and a distribution center.

Born of a shared passion for the science and community of craft beer, the founders of D9 Brewing began their journey like many – in their garage. With strong, steady growth they moved operations to commercial facilities and now produce and sell their own brand, as well as license, manufacture and sell four other brands, leading to the need for stable working capital.

A $500,000 Accounts Receivable Financing facility.

D9 now has access to ready capital to purchase raw materials, meet payroll, and continue their spectacular growth trajectory.

“D9 has had a strong growth history, with even greater potential ahead of them,” said Jason Lippman, CEO of nFusion Capital. “They have strong experience and leadership, a great product, and big-picture vision. We’re very excited to help them pop open the next chapter of growth.”

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