Nimble, responsive entrepreneurs helping other entrepreneurs.

nFusion Capital is a private working capital finance company delivering customized financing solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses. Though we are headquartered in Austin, TX, we serve clients nationwide with offices in Phoenix, Pensacola, Denver and Atlanta.

Founded by a team of entrepreneurs from the finance and real estate world, we have a unique perspective because we were business owners before we became lenders. We saw first-hand the challenge of not being able to grow because there wasn’t enough cash. When we started our promise was to be nimble, creative, and speedy, making quick decisions to infuse businesses with the working capital they needed–without conforming to bank regulations. Though we have grown since then, that still holds true today.

Our clients come to us because they have too much business and not enough capital to support growth – it’s a good problem to have and it’s why we take risks on our clients. You need to meet payroll, pay vendors, take on new projects and move forward – not wait for customers to pay or offer discounts for faster payment. Our clients know they can rely on us to bridge that gap and eliminate the cash flow stress so they can focus on running the business and adding value for their clients.

We’re excited to form long-term relationships with our clients, remaining available to answer questions, solve challenges, and focus on your success. And we’re happy to say many of our clients have stayed with us since the very beginning.

Advanced Environmental Contractors, Inc.

“We were experiencing large labor and supply costs with a client that had a 60-90 day pay schedule. It would have been impossible to complete the job without the funding nFusion provided–it covered labor, supply, and equipment costs for a time-sensitive project during a cash crunch. Working with the team at nFusion was easier than we could have imagined; and after we provided some information our account was funded in no time at all.  We are so glad we found nFusion and would definitely use them again.”

Eric Dua, Operations Manager



Simply put, we are better together. We enjoy working with each other, focusing on where each of use excel, and challenging team members to be their highest and best.


We each will take responsibility for our collective experience – how we want to treat our clients, how we want to treat each other, and how we conduct each and every customer touch point. If we don’t love it, we have to change it.


The purpose of business is profits – without it, a business does not survive and it cannot be ignored or minimized. Profits serve a purpose – they allow us to provide opportunities for employees, for their families, and fuel each of our individual Journeys. Without Profit, there is no Purpose.


The entrepreneur journey is a long road – you have to Love the journey – the process the challenges, the ups and downs – it cant be just about the destination, because there will always be the next challenge, the next goal to reach.


Why are we doing this? We believe in capitalism and the free market – where every individual has the opportunity to fulfill their dreams or fail trying. Entrepreneurism is not for everyone – but it is the key to growth and success of our nation and rising prosperity for all.